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Poptropica Help And Advice For Early Poptropica

Early Poptropica was the initial island to appear in Poptropica. On it, the isles oldest inhabitants request that you help them find three purloined things: a a bucket, a pig, and a signal flag.

First Quit: Main Street

When you climb-down from your blimp, you'll get on Main Street. Go inside the Pop-Art Museum to see art from renowned artists and speak to the artists themselves. Meet other players inside the two multi-participant rooms: the Soda-Pop Store and the Arcade.

You could start exploring by climbing up the Water Tower. You Will see a flag there, but you won't be capable to attain it. You'll also see an open manhole. You can bound down now if you need, but you may want to wait till you get your Glowstick. Getting backup is not so simple!

The Outdated Part of Town

Go directly on Main Street to get to Early Poptropica. The characters here appear like pilgrims, and the structures appear to be old cottages. If you talk to these early inhabitants, they'll inform you of the items they're lacking: One pilgrim is lacking a Pig, one is missing a Pail, and the third is missing a Sign Flag.

Remember that Glow Stick we mentioned? It is possible to find it here if you clim down inside the well and hop from platform to platform. Walk in to the Glow Stick to include it for your items.

Back to Main Street

Now that you've got the Glow-Stick, it's time to research that manhole. Bound down to the underside. You might get knocked over by a spider, but that's acceptable. Even if you drop all the way to the bottom, you will still land in your feet. Subsequently jump over move right and the green spider to locate the prized porker. Touch the pig to include it to your things. You might be tempted to abandon the manhole now, but there is more to be found down there. Get past the green spider again and enter the tunnel on your left.

Your Glow Stick will light the way through the tunnel. Climb up, when you see a rope. Keep climbing until you locate the Golden Egg. There are hints composed on the walls to inform you if you should be going in the appropriate direction. When you locate the Golden Egg, contact it to add it to your things.

After you get the Egg, travel upward to locate a way out, and you will discover yourself front of Poptropica Towers.

Check Out Poptropica Towers

So now you've got the Pig, but you nevertheless want the Pail and the Flag. You should begin researching the city street lined with tall structures, since you are at Poptropica Towers. Leap to the ledge of the first building you see and head for the roof! Travel from roof-top to rooftop, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. Climb to the top, which resembles a rooftop restaurant, when you attain the blue creating. Afterward climb up the vine.

Land of the Purple Giant

Now you are in the clouds. Go right till you see a huge pair of purple feet. Click on them to discuss to the giant. He'll take your Golden Egg as payment to enter his vegetable garden. You'll locate the bucket on the list of enormous veggies.

Enter the Plane Graveyard

Keep going right until you locate the Aircraft Graveyard. You can not use any of the airplanes here, but if you look carefully, you will find a Jet Pack. This can be only what you have to get to large places--like the top of the Water Tower, where the Sign Flag expects you.

Get back to Main Street any way it is possible to. Subsequently use the Jet Pack to fly to the leading of the Watertower. To fly, shift your cursor until you see a green up-arrow. Click and hold to progress. Then move left or right. Click the Flag to add it for your things, when you attain the top of the tower.

Make Your Deliveries

Now you have the Flag, the Pail, and the Pig. Head back to Early Poptropica. (it is possible to fly if you need to, but you'll have to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Talk to each of the three pilgrims who were missing things. When you do, the things will be removed from your Stock and returned to their first owners. Once you return the Signal Flag, the pier will be reached by a ship. Speak with the person on the boat, and he can thanks with the Early Poptropica Medallion. Congratulations!

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