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Having Fun With Poptropica

Poptropica is a very exciting and engaging web site for young children which hold many missions in the form of islands that players discover and explore. There are many secrets. You'll find so many Poptropica Cheats that they can't all fit into a single place but I've got a brief overview of Poptropica to give you and idea of what you can do in Poptropica.

Poptropica Islands

There are twenty-four islands in the game, with many more arriving every month or so. The islands are:

* Early Poptropica

* Sharktooth

* 24 Carrot

* Time Tangled

* Super Power

* Spy

* Nabooti

* Big Nate

* Astro-Knights

* Counterfeit

* Reality TV

* Mythology

* Skullduggery Island

* Steamworks Island

* Great Pumpkin Island

* Cryptids Island

* Wild West Island

* Wimpy Wonderland

* Red Dragon Island

* Shrink Ray Island

* Mystery Train Island

* Game Show Island

* Ghost Story Island

* S.O.S. Island

* Vampire's Curse Island

* Twisted Thicket

* Poptropolis Games

* Wimpy Boardwalk

* Lunar Colony

* Super Villain Island

* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

* Zomberry Island

* Night Watch Island

* Back Lot Island

* Virus Hunter Island

* Mocktropica Island

* Monster Carnival Island

* Survival Island

* Mission: Atlantis

Players can do any island quest at any time, but you might want to get going with one of the simpler islands, like Time Tangled to get a feel for how to play.

How to Play the Game

Your character may be either gender and you can alter the appearance prior to starting the game. You can start with a new player every time or register with an account to save your avatar as a returning player.

The game is basically a scroller. You start each island by arriving via balloon and then have to talk to characters that you come across to determine what must be done. Then you progress along the mission until you have completed all the tasks you need to do.

Poptropica brings together logic challenges and quests with basic arcade skills like jumping, running and playing with objects in the world. Much of the game involves jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

There are some buildings on many of the Poptropica islands you can play mini-games against other players. Winning several mini-games increases your battle ranking. You can also chat with other players using a menu of things to say.

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