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Playing Reality Tv On Poptropica

The new Poptropica quest, Reality TV Island, was introduced. It is for paid members exclusively, therefore you must become a paid member to have fun with it which is actually seriously too bad. Everyone that is definitely not a paid subscriber needs to wait around until March 24 to participate in the brand-new island. I tested a fantastic Poptropica Reality TV Island walkthrough this afternoon and it seems pretty thorough. Reality TV island is very different from all the other Poptropica islands.. There are two extremely different parts to the quest. The first part is like most islands and you have to complete a couple of things to get together an application in order to be on a really famous reality TV show. The next part is the show itself which is a competition made up of several different events where you try to beat the other contestants. The show is a big series of special competitions where you take on famous Poptropicans like Black Widow and Betty Jetty and try to win each event. If you win, you get immunity but if you lose, you could be voted off the island and you'll have to start all over. If you win the whole contest then you get the medallion and beat the island. What's really great is that there are about seven events in the tournament but overall there are plenty more games so every time you play there are different events to do and mastering them all is exciting.

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