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December 06 2019

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A Minecraft shipwreck, partially submerged in water along the coastline. Shipwrecks usually have chests, and chests usually have treasure!
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A sight that every Minecraft miner likes to see: diamonds discovered deep underground!
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A wandering trader and his llamas in Minecraft.
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The sun sets while sheep silently graze in a peaceful Minecraft scene.
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A modern and fancy yacht in Minecraft.
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The interior of a fancy yacht in Minecraft.
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A small village hut in Minecraft as the sun sets in the Western sky.
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A Minecraft village in the night-time. The villagers don't seem to worried about the prospect of a zombie attack.
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Feeling nice and cozy inside the jungle house. It's a simple interior, but it will do well.

November 30 2019

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A spooky cavern with pumpkins and jack o'lanterns. Best idea is to stay far away from it. Who knows what lurks inside?
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Pumpkins on a hill in Minecraft. It's a different map, but these could be just outside a little comfy hobbit hole.
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Inside a hobbit hole in a Minecraft map of Hobbiton. This is one off the best minecraft maps I've played. Screenshot is with the Conquest resource/texture pack. It's great for that traditional medieval RPG look in Minecraft.
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An indoor scene from a house/manor in Minecraft

March 25 2018

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Thanksgiving dinner in Minecraft
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Checking out a rollercoaster in Minecraft.
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Windmill in Minecraft.

June 11 2017

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A house on a hill in Minecraft. A beautiful blonde. Danger awaits inside...

A Crystal Within Glass

Carry me onto your train
pacified and then half-opened in the divisions
and the forest to its tryst
and among the waves the delicate one
the mother covered with absent minded sphere
I stayed rustled and cashmere
between field and geography
you wet slowly?
Into a night to pacify your business
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
perch of kisses and bottles
and the serendipitous clusters of his native land?
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A fixed stare while standing by the window. I wonder what she's thinking about? Maybe she's planning on playing Minecraft with me later this afternoon?
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